Facial Treatments

Facial Treatment Options

All facials include a chin-up enhancement service along with a hand, neck, and shoulder massage. A chin-up enhancement is a protocol booster ideal for all skin types, specifically those with visible signs of aging in the neck and décolletage; designed with gentle exfoliates and potent firming ingredients.

A detoxifying ritual ideal for acne/blemish prone skin as well as any skin type in need of enhanced clarity and refined pores. This treatment combines powerful exfoliators with clay detoxifying agents to absorb oil and help eliminate impurities.

A restorative ritual ideal for dry, dull, devitalized skin, as well as any skin type in need of extra hydration. This is the ultimate treatment to moisturize and target the skin’s hydration matrix.

A protective ritual ideal for sensitive, dry, rosacea prone skin, as well as post-procedure. Designed with gentle exfoliates along with firming and plumping ingredients, this treatment helps restore well-being to compromised skin.

A unique anti-aging ritual ideal for photodamaged and mature skin, as well as any skin type that desires a more youthful, radiant appearance. This is designed with high performance ingredients that are known to polish, hydrate, and target skin’s natural collagen.

What is DiamondGlow®

Whether you’re looking to restore a more youthful appearance or would simply like to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, DiamondGlow® is the treatment for you. DiamondGlow® is an advanced microdermabrasion that relies on chemical and instrumental exfoliation. DiamondGlow® patented recessed diamond tip delivers a next level resurfacing treatment. Bring your Glow back and take it further to unlock your skins potential and bring back your radiance.

Treatment Options

Targets patients with oily skin, imperfections and rough skin texture.

Targets patients with skin discoloration including dark patches and uneven skin tone.

Targets patients who experience dehydrated skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Targets patient who are looking to revitalize dull skin and prevent photodamage.

Targets coarse wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, this advanced growth factor comprehensively rejuvenates by improving skin and texture.

Include steam, deep cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage, high frequency [face or scalp (optional)], ice globe massage, toner, mask, shoulder or hand massage. All spa facials are customized towards individual's skincare concerns.

Our team will customize your treatment according to the needs of your skin.

Who Its For

DiamondGlow® is safe and effective for all skin types, thereby allowing patients to address a wide range of concerns caused by aging, sun-damage, and other environmental stressors, including:

  • Acne

  • Sun damage

  • Dryness

  • Dull Skin

  • Wrinkles

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • And more …

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