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Nutrafol is a hair wellness product which is used for improved hair growth. Nutrafol promotes visibly thicker hair growth and less shedding by multi-targeting root causes of thinning with medical-grade, natural ingredients that support whole-body health from within. Their formula targets key imbalances in the body that can disrupt the hair growth cycle and cause hair to grow thinner. These imbalances can be a result of hormone fluctuations, stress, environment, inflammation, metabolism and nutrition.
  • DHT hormone causes the follicle to miniaturize, eventually stopping hair growth.
  • The gut microbiome supports nutrient absorption and disrupts other root causes of hair thinning.
  • Stress Cortisol hormone causes the hair cycle to prematurely shift out of the growth phase.
  • Inflammation triggers and immune responses can damage the hair follicle and disrupt growth.
  • Environmental Toxins and stress from the environment can harm and weaken the hair follicle.


The ingredients in Nutrafol are also known to lower feelings of stress improve sleep quality, mood, and skin health.

Nutrafol is for both men and women and comes in different dosages.

Nutrafol Women

  • 86% of women reported improved hair growth after 6 months.
  • 75% saw visibly less shedding after 2 months.
  • 84% saw stronger hair after 6 months.


Nutrafol Women’s Balance

  • 100% of women reported improved hair growth after 9 months.
  • 76% saw thicker hair after 6 months.
  • 80% saw less shedding after 3 months.


Nutrafol Men

  • 72% of men saw more scalp coverage after 6 months.
  • 83% of men showed visible improvement in hair quality after 6 months.

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